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Whilst a few books on the Baha'i Faith are available in the local library and or the Gloucester library, a much more extensive range is available on line from the Baha'i Library Online. The link is shown below

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Some Cheltenham Youths Activities During Covid 19 Lockdown

Whilst most of us were staying at home during the lockdown, two Cheltenham youths, (sisters Erin and Isabella George pictured below) were quite active.

On June 19th, Erin took part in a Wear A Hat With Flowers Day and collected £186 for the Brain Tumour Research.

Isabella, in the meantime, entered a writing competition organised by the Enfield Library with a poem. The theme was Kindness linked to the Mental Health Week 2020. The poem is attached below and deservedly won her a prize. Not only is the poem beautiful but it also contains a Baha'i quote.

Congratulations to both girls and yeah for Cheltenham youths!

Honeybourne Line Litter Pick - 15/2/20

Once again the annual Honeybourne Line Litter pick community service organised by Martin and Jenny Lockwood in remembrance of their son Ben took place last week end on Saturday.
Over 30 friends and associates of the Lockwoods braved the foul weather to assemble by Ben's bench and collected over 20 bags of litter. The Council as usual was there with their truck, black bags, gloves and litter picking tools to provide support and equipment. Afterwards the friends retired to the Methodist Church hall to enjoy much needed and wonderful hot soup, tea, coffee, bread and cakes provided by Jenny, her mother and helpers.
Unfortunately, it was too damp during the litter pick to take some pictures but shown below are some taken in the hall.
To those who were there, the Lockwoods I am sure, would like me on their behalf to express their deep appreciation profound gratitude.

NSA Capital Projects Fund Raising Event - 26/2/20:

Much hilarity and merriment was the order of the evening when Baha'i friends from Cheltenham, Oxenton, Gloucester, Tewksbury and Pershore met at the Mars for an NSA Capital Projects fund raising evening. Admission fees, Spiritual Pursuit (forfeit of 50p for each wrong answer) and an auction of various items were the main fund raising events. In the spirit of the evening, 'deliberate wrong answers' were very much evident in order to increase the forfeit amounts, but learning was always achieved as the adjudicator always gave the correct answers for all to learn from.
Additionally, there were other games being played to the delight of those others taking part.
In all, an amount of £393.35 was collected and sent to the NSA as contribution by friends from Cheltenham, Oxenton, Glucester, Tewksbury and Pershore.
We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the 16 adults and the two youths who attended and apologise that we were so busy and so enjoying  ourselves during the evening that we forgot to take some pictures to accompany this article.

Bicentennial Celebration of the Life of the Bab - 2019

On Sunday October 27th 50 people attended a Bicentennial event in Cheltenham. Three junior youth, Erin and Isabella George with their good friend Hannah, told the story of the Life of the Bab, with an audio-visual accompaniment also arranged by one of the junior youths. After the storytelling, cream tea was served.
The Deputy Mayor of Cheltenham was one of the 30 guests, along with members of Cheltenham Inter Faith, and friends and neighbours of the Baha'is. Everyone enjoyed themselves and commented particularly on how impressively the junior youth had performed.

Some pictures taken of the event are shown below.

From top and left to right
1.Sitting: Debarati, Donita, Jenny and Mere
   Standing: David, Sanjay, Mala and Alex
2. Tanya, Claire and Lisa
3. Chris and Lindsay
Joan, Pat and Jennifer

Naw Ruz celebration - March 20th 2019

A wonderful event of the Naw Ruz celebration was organised by Tanya and her two girls, Erin and Isabella, at their home on the evening of March 20th. The devotion, house decoration for the evening (see pictures below) and the games organised added to the festive spirit of the evening and was a great credit to Tanya and the girls. 
Food by virtue of a potluck dinner added to the diversity of the evening.We all enjoyed ourselves and the food was of course always wonderful.

Some of the pictures during the evening are shown below.

Honeybourne Line litter pick in memory of Ben Lockwood - Saturday, 16th Feb, 2019

This year, the annual event of the Honeybourne Line litter pick in memory of Ben Lockwood took place on Saturday, 16th Feb, 2019.
As usual, the event was immaculately organized by Jenny and Martin Lockwood (Ben's parents) and welcomed about 30 people who divided themselves between helping in the kitchen at St Marks Methodist hall and litter picking. Cheltenham Borough Council again provided a pick up truck, bags, gloves, tools and a staff member for the occasion.  

Afterwards, we assembled at the hall to enjoy a delicious lunch of hot home-made soup and cakes,  tea and coffee.  The people joining us were a group of Bahá’ís, local residents and friends of Ben and his family.  

We may not be the only group that helps to keep the Honeybourne Line walk free of litter but somehow the haul of litter this year appeared to be much less than in previous years. May be the cumulative effect of this community acts of service is having an effect on would-be litters!

We now look forward to next year's litter pick and in the meantime some pictures taken on the day are shown below.

The birth of the Bab holiday celebration: 10th November, 2018

Cheltenham Baha'is and friends celebrated this auspicious event at the Mar's residence on the evening of November 10th with the screening of the film about the life of the Bab, The Gate. 
The event was attended by 32 guests including 10 friends and the film was preceded with a short talk about the event by Sarah Mar followed with some readings and a prayer. After the film a potluck with a difference (potluck pudding), coffee and tea was enjoyed by all. 
Good and stimulating conversations were the order of the evening and it was also very heartening to hear appreciative comments about the film.
Some pictures taken on the night are shown below.

Ridvan Celebrations

Several celebrations were held in the Gloucestershire and Worcestershire area last  week-end to celebrate Ridvan. The photo articles below describes these events

1. Some Bahai friends in Cheltenham celebrate Ridvan after the LSA election at Claire's on 20th April

2. Some friends from Cheltenham, Gloucester and Pershore at a Ridvan picnic at the Pittville Park in Cheltenham on 21st April.

3. Worcestershire friends organised their Ridvan celebration in the ECGWINS Private Members Club, Evesham with the showing of the Light to the World film, a talk by Steve Vickers and some wonderful music by Steve Day and Paul on Sunday 22nd of April

Daffodil Walk in the Forest of Dean - 29th March, 2018

A wet, muddy but beautiful and well-worth-it 11 mile daffodil walk (more like a trudge in places) in the Forest of Dean was organised by the Lockwoods with some friends. The daffs were in their peak and indescribably breathtaking. The walk started from the village of Kempley and ended in the same village with a half way break for tea, coffee and yummy home baked cakes in the historical Dymock church which boasts an history dating back to the late 11th Century (1066).
We stopped for a picnic lunch in the grounds of another historical church, St. Mary's church in, the old site of Kempley village before the final leg which took us back to our starting point.
If it happens again in 2019, I would highly recommend this country side daffodil walk. Some pictures are attached:

Naw Ruz Celebration - 20 March, 2018.

This year's Nawruz celebrations in Cheltenham was held with a pot luck dinner at the Mar's and attended by about 25 people. Much hilarity and good conversations took place with a good mix of Bahai's and friends of all ages.
Some pictures of friends from the evening is shown below:

Ayyam-i-Ha Community Project Service. - 25th February, 2018

To celebrate AYYAM-I-HA on Sunday 25th February, Tanya, Erin and Isabella George organised a service project to clean up the litter in their local park. With the help of 10 of their friends mostly children and youth they collected 9 bags of rubbish. Afterwards everyone was invited back to have hot chocolate, drinks and yummy cakes. The children had great fun and found an enormous satisfaction in helping to clean up the area. Some pictures are shown below.

Honeybourne Line litter pick in memory of Ben Lockwood by Martin Lockwood - Saturday, 17th Feb, 2018

This year, as most years, I looked around as I walked north from Cheltenham Spa station, hoping for a good ‘crop’ of litter, and being a little concerned at seeing the path so clean and well cared-for.  I have a feeling we are not the only group looking after this place, and I worried that we might have summoned our friends here under false pretences.  Once again, I need not have worried.  We welcomed at least 35 people, who divided themselves between helping in the kitchen at St Marks Methodist hall nearby, and picking up litter. Again this year, Cheltenham Borough Council provided Emma Burton with her pickup truck, bags, gloves and tools.  Within an hour, the truck was pretty full of all sorts of stuff - some of it quite yucky (details supplied on request!).

Afterwards, we assembled at the hall to enjoy a delicious lunch of warming home-made soup and cakes, not to mention tea and coffee.  About half the people joining us were Bahá’ís; others were local residents and friends of Ben and his family.  I overheard several interesting conversations about the Bahá’í Faith, and the value of community and service.  As I remarked to Emma whilst throwing full bags into her truck and admiring the now considerable haul, people have a very basic desire to do good, and all we need to do is to put the tools into their hands.

This surely is a wonderful way of making new friends and showing the Bahá’í Faith at its best, and making the world just a little bit better.

And as a first this year: the presence of the next generation of Lockwoods, a real treat for Jenny and Martin, Ben’s parents.

Devotion: Prayers and Breakfast at the Mar's - Sunday, 28th Jan, 2018

This is a monthly devotional event  which takes place at the Mar's at 9.30 am every last Sunday of each month.  Some of the friends who attended are shown in the accompanying pictures below. Cheltenham Bahai's also hold an evening devotional event at Pari's and Housang's home and the next one will be at 7.30 pm on February 7th. Please click on the Diary page for all events that we plan to hold.

National Interfaith Week: Nov 15th, 2017

The 9th year of this event was again held at The Park campus of the University of Gloucestershire. Sarah Mar, Joe Mar and Claire Brady were the Baha'i representatives at the gathering and Joe was a member of the panel for the evening.

Local Interview in the Gloucestershire Live: October, 2017

(Click on the link below to read this interview.)


Bicentennial Celebration of the Birth of Baha'u'llah: Oct 21st, 2017

On Saturday evening of the 21st October the Cheltenham Baha'is held a reception and dinner event at the Star Bistro, Ullenwood to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The following dignitaries attended - the Mayor of Cheltenham, Councillor Klara Sudbury and her consort, David Sudbury, the local Member of Parliament, Mr Alex Chalk, Councillors Colin and Rowena Hay, representatives of Cheltenham Inter Faith, members of the Fijian community and colleagues and friends of the Baha'is. There were 49 attendees,17 of which were Baha'is.
There was a lovely display of Baha'i publications and posters and each of the guests was given a bound memento gift pack consisting of the Bicentenary booklet, a bookmark printed specially for the occasion and the small blue booklet on the life of Baha'u'llah. An invitation to a film night for "The Light Of The World" was also issued to all attendees.

Below are some of the pictures taken from the event.

The programme consisted of a welcome from the chairman of the LSA, a prayer in English, a chanted Arabic prayer, a short video about the life of Baha’u’llah selected from YouTube, then after the main course, a song by Steve Day, a talk about Baha’u’llah’s links with this country (the offer of asylum in India to Baha’u’llah by the British authorities, the Tablet to Queen Victoria, and the fact that Edward Granville Browne came from Uley in Gloucestershire) by Christine Elliot. Then the Mayor gave a lovely short talk about gratitude and thankfulness and the MP said a few words, and there was another song before rounding up with dessert tea and coffee. Lots of interesting conversations and a good time was had by all.

More pictures from the evening

Roses and scones open garden day in aid of victims of the Manchester, London bridge and the Grenfell Tower fire.

Joe and Sarah Mar in association with The Red Cross had an open garden day for friends and neighbours at their home on Sunday June 18th. A total of 32 friends and neighbours turned out to enjoy the garden and Sarah's home made scones in cream and raspberry jam. A very beautiful day was in store for us and a wonderful time was had by all. The guests also enjoyed some Fijian ukelele and guitar playing and singing joined by the honorary Fijian, Jim Elliot (and his 12 string ukelele) from Gloucester to add to a carnival atmosphere. An total of £146 was collected for the Red Cross appeal.

Some pictures courtesy of Lina, Sarah and Adam are attached below:

Commemoration of the Declaration of the Bab in Cheltenham. May 22nd, 2017

Baha'i friends in Cheltenham celebrated the Declaration of the Bab on the evening of 22nd of May, 2017 at Ms Hedi Golmohammad's apartment. Hedi prepared a lovely programme for the evening and a wonderful spiritual and fun evening was had by all, particularly with Housang regaling us with some very funny tales.

The picture below shows some friends relaxing that evening.(Picture courtesy of Joe Mar)

Ridvan Picnic at Cheltenham; April 20th, 2017

On Thursday 20 April, 2017 about 40 Bahá’ís and their friends gathered in Cheltenham to mark the festival of Ridvan.  On this day, Bahá’ís remember the occasion in 1863 when their founder, Bahá’u’lláh, declared to His followers that He was the Promised One from God.  His declaration took place in the garden of Ridvan, just outside the city of Baghdad in present-day Iraq.  So it seemed appropriate to mark this year’s anniversary in the beautiful garden setting of Pittville Park.

After a good picnic spread contributed by all the guests, the children enjoyed the play equipment in the park, while adults took part in a fun quiz activity to test their local knowledge and learn a little about the meaning of the Ridvan festival. 

The picture below shows some of the friends present. (Apologies to those not shown.)

Ridvan Celebration at Holland House, Cropthorne near Evesham.

In the meantime the Baha'is friends of Evesham organised a Ridvan festival celebration on the 23rd, April at the Holland House in Cropthorne and Baha'is and their friends from the neighbouring counties of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire attended and held a wonderful devotion. A short talk by Sarah Mar (see pictures below) to introduce Ridvan to friends of the Baha'is attending was followed with a wonderful spread of afternoon tea and great music by Steve Day and the Feryal, Julian and Ian band.